Personal GPS Tracker - Fall Alert ET-17


 ET-17 Personal Gps tracker - fall alert.

Now Comes With A  Installed GiffGaff Pay As You Go SIM Card.    


At Tracker expert we were looking for a Gps tracker for the most vulnerable people in society i.e. children, the elderly and the disabled and after testing many personal Gps trackers we decided on the  ET- 017s because of its great design and ease of use.



  • PIECE OF MIND: Once your vulnerable loved one has this personal Gps tracker you will have piece of mind knowing that they can be located and communicated with at any time from anywhere.
  • LOCATE: When setup you will be able to see where the holder of the tracker is at any time from anywhere.
  • COMMUNICATE: With the two way communication features of this Gps tracker you or the holder can speak quickly by phoning the tracker or the holder can ring you via the SOS button.
  • SIZE: Being one of the smallest Gps trackers on the market the ET-017s is convenient and non intrusive to use on a daily basis.


  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Unlike cheaper Gps trackers all of the many functions of the ET-017s are quick and easy to operate. Just pop in a sim card of your choosing and with a couple of short easy text message instructions you are ready to go.
  • SOS: Once operational the ET-017s personal tracker  has an SOS button that when pressed for more than three seconds will text all three authorised numbers with "HELP" and a link to google maps. It will also ring all three numbers in rotation until one answers.
  • CALL BUTTON: Another great feature is the call button. If the holder of the tracker has trouble with phones or remembering numbers. They can use the call button just to communicate with one of the authorised numbers. 
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Up to 18-24 hours of constant use. In power saving mode 3-7 days. In deep sleep you can get 30-40 days life.
  • FALL DETECTION: In this mode the ET-017s will alert all three authorised numbers if it detects a fall. The tracker uses both impact and angle to detect a fall. The tracker will only alert if it is still for ten seconds after detection ruling out unnecessary alerts.
  • GEO FENCE: With geo fence enabled this Gps tracker will alert if it leaves the designated area. Again this is enabled via a simple text message.
  • LISTEN IN: The ET-017s has a listen in feature which allows you to ring the tracker covertly and hear what the tracker can hear.
  • MOVEMENT ALERT: The tracker must be stationary when this feature is activated then if it moves further than the set distance example: m1,100 this command means if the tracker moves more than 100 meters from the set point it will send sms alerts to preset numbers. 

     Dimensions                                61mm x 43mm x 16mm

    Weight                                                       35g

    GSM Frequency                          900/180/850/1900Mhz

    GPS Chip                                    U-blox 7 (support AGPS)

    GPS sensitivity         Cold start: -148dBm Hot start: -162dBm

    Gps accuracy                                  <2.5 meters="" p="">

    Time to first fix        Cold start 32s, warm start 11s, Hot start 1s

    Charging voltage                             5V DC

    Battery                                    Chargeable 3.7V 900mAh

    Standby current                              <2mAh